October 19, 2010

The Hiatus is Over

Hello Supporters!

I have been away and now I am back!...I took a little break from "Spotlight" to re-evaluate what exactly it was that I wanted to do and spend most of my energy doing. I didn't know if writing about entertainment was of any interest to me. Do I enjoy spotlighting other people? Why cant I be spotlighted for my talents...I just needed to re-evaluate and I did. I have come to the realization that entertainment will no longer be my focal point in my career. I feel there is a lot of other things that people need to be informed about and I want to be the person to do that...I still have a passion for people who have passion and that is the reason why I'm keeping this blog going! I want to continue to bring you guys the hottest music, food, restaurants, and movies. Thank you all who have been patient with ya girl and who continue to follow me.
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Stay tuned for more posts in the upcoming week :)

September 15, 2010

Mexi-Cali Salad (Dinner Special)

So as most of you should know, I am a college student… Some days I like it, and other days I wish I was back in Atlanta. I guess you can say I am still trying to adjust. But anyways…I know many are familiar with cafeteria food. -_- Yeah...sometimes you have to make that face because it’s down right awful! Well here at my school they make sure to give students a variety of choices to choose from ranging from pizza, sushi, subs, chicken fingers, buffet style dining etc. But even still sometimes that’s not even good; and the stuff that is good; will cost me about 2 meals (I only get 10 meals a week)…do the math; that’s 2 meals a day. Well yesterday for dinner I went to the nice dining hall that had the good food. I was so hungry and pumped up; not to mention when I got to the hall there was a special going on. The special was for a Mexi-Cali Salad and any size fountain drink for 1meal! So I decided to give it a try. And OMG! When I tell you that it was the best salad I have ever had; let me tell you it was. It was so good I was confused as to rather I should eat the whole thing or save it until later. But you know good and well saving salad later = mushy soggy lettuce. So I decided to be a fat kid for the evening and overly stuffed my face. Despite the long story, I wanted to share the recipe with you all. You can modify a recipe, and if you do share with us! Id love to see how you take this recipe and make it your own! Muahh!


            2 cups cut-up cooked chicken breast
            1-15-1/2 ounce can kidney beans, rinsed and drained or substitute chick peas
            2 scallions, diced
            1 head iceberg lettuce, torn into pieces
            Mexicali Dressing (below)
            1 large avocado
            3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
            Tortilla chips, broken
            2 tomatoes, cut into wedges
            1 can ripe black olives, pitted and sliced
            Mexicali Dressing:
            1 cup mayonnaise
            1/2 cup ketchup
            2 teaspoons chili powder
                        1-teaspoon garlic powder

In a bowl, mix cooked chicken, beans, cheese, onions and lettuce. Cover and refrigerate for 3 hours. In a bowl, thoroughly mix all ingredients for Mexicali dressing Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 2 hours. When ready to serve, cut avocado into bite-sized pieces. Add avocado to dressing and stir. Add dressing mixture to chicken mixture and toss. Sprinkle with tortilla chips and garnish with tomatoes and olives.

September 13, 2010

Fellas Need love too!

Alright ladies and gents, if you have been rocking with AJ Spotlight you should already know that a few weeks ago I did a spotlight on three female artists who in my opinion were phenomenal…Now you may have your own opinion about them, but my opinion is the only one that matters on this site lol. Today I want to talk about a young man by the name of “Daniel D” I actually received a follow on twitter from him, and decided to check his site out. I was immediately blown away.
SN: People ill continue to stress it over and over…twitter is the #1 social networking out right now aside from Facebook.
Now I guess your wondering, ”Well, who is Daniel? Does He Sing? Does he Rap?” Ladies and gents Daniel D is a talented violinist. He takes playing the violin to a whole new means. He brings a style of hip hop and R&B to his music.  I literally sat on his site and listened to all his songs while I did some work. The best thing I love about good music is that there is no need to skip to another track because they’re all great. Does anyone agree with me? When your just relaxing with your headphones on and you can vibe to an entire CD. That’s how his music makes me feel. He has already performed for Jamie Fox, Kanye ,Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, just to name a few. I want ya'll to peep out his music because he is the next big thing! Trust me when I say it. Not to mention he is a gorgeous ladies... I’m just saying.

You can order his CD online here 

August 30, 2010

Miya Bailey

Miya Bailey 
"We break all stereotypes at City Of Ink."

Photo By: Duwayno Robertson
Miya Bailey is one of the co-owners of City Of Ink located in Atlanta Georgia. His name is well known in the tattoo and overall art community. I originally found City Of Ink just by random browsing online. I had 4 tattoos prior to even finding City Of Ink, so once I saw their work in comparison to my tattoos I was immediately saddened. City Of Inks tattoos are all original. Thats right!, so the butterfly you want that your home girl has wont look anything of identical to what they create. As I did more and more research I came across Miya Baileys portfolio and was blown away because he is truly a talented man. I was able to personally meet Miya when I finally got my MB original tattoo and he is the coolest person ever. I was able to chat it up a little with Mr. Bailey himself.  Peep the interview:

Miya Bailey: 4 years ago

AJ: Who originally started it
Miya Bailey: Me, Tuki CarterChris McAdoo, Cory Davis, and Samba

AJ: What sets COI apart from other tattoo parlors?
Miya Bailey: We don’t call ourselves tattoo artist we call ourselves artist who tattoo. It’s a melting pot. Anyone is welcome at city of ink. We are custom. We do freehand work. We design depending on the customer’s budget. Very affordable.

AJ: I see that you often post you don’t do scratcher tattoos. For people who don’t know what that is; can you explain what it is; and why you choose not to do it .
Miya Bailey: A scratcher tattoo is a person who looks in the tattoo magazine, goes through no training and buys a tattoo kit... Anybody can buy a tattoo kit.
More Info On Scratcher Tattoos

AJ: Before you tattoo someone, what's your thinking process like? How do you get yourself in that creative mode?
Miya Bailey :I talk to the person first, ask them their name, start a conversation, let them look in my portfolio and see which styles their drawn to the most. I listen to their ideas and let them inspire me. While their telling me... I’m drawing it in my mind.

AJ: Have you ever tattooed someone and you weren’t proud of the finished product
Miya Bailey: I’m an artist; I don’t stop tattooing until I'm happy with it regardless of there budget. I take pride in my artwork. Even with limited ideas I did the best I could do.  I’m proud of every tattoo.

AJ: What’s next for COI? Any other locations in the making?
Miya Bailey: Yea we have a NY spot opening and Cory Davis is a partner of that. Were also working on a DC shop with Pinz N Needles ; and Atlanta will be getting more into merchandise with print and books. I like to think of COI as the Harlem Renaissance; all the traditions and just everyone working together. That’s how COI is... It's to meet and grind...All chairs filled up with everyone. There’s only one City Of Ink and its built out of love and people. That’s why it’s open to the people and you don’t have to come to get a tattoo just come to get inspired. As long as your not on no groupie-ish 
Photo by: Kamilah Benjamin

SN: What he's saying people is..if you come to chill expect to be put to work lol. jk :) 

AJ: What do you look for in a person when hiring them to represent COI? 
Miya Bailey: Its kind of hard to find tattoo artist. We look for someone with their own drive. Someone who will take the initiative to find their own clientele base. I’m looking for someone who’s ready to get it! If your really serious about our movement; do paintings when we do shows; I want to see how people respond to your work.  Hungry people... people who take the initiative. Not people who wait around to tattoo. I respect people who go out and get their clientele.  Real hard hustlers. HUSTLE HARD.
If i can do it, you can do it!... No excuses

AJ: Ok, now you personally have a film your working on as well as a book... can you tell us a little about those projects?
Miya Bailey: The book will be finished within 3months. Its entitled “Before I'm gone”. Its a last will and testament. If something happened to me tomorrow this is what you’ll need to know of me today...My life. The Film will be turned in by January. I'm just trying to take my time with that. My heart is in this film. I’m in love with it. It showcases the art and the lives of the artists that need to be known by the people.  Ej Harold and my man Dreamer are doing the music. Im shooting from Atlanta, to Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami, Cincinnati, DC, NY all the way to London. I want this film to show you urban tattooing in America. The film is going to showcase these tattoo artists lives... You'll also learn about the first black female tattooist. Jacki Grayson  in New Orleans. I don’t want to dog out people in this film though because I was scratching at one point! Trying to find someone to train you especially when your black is hard. 

AJ: When tattooing is all said and done; what’s next for Miya?
Miya Bailey: I can honestly say when I get older, I know for a fact I want to do a lot more film and paintings. I want to start selling my work and im making them affordable. I want everyone to have some of my artwork. I want to see my artwork in everybody’s house. Later on the year around Christmas time I'm selling a lot more merchandise and books. I want to put out some of my artist books, and chill out and open up an art school.

AJ: An art school? Can you talk about that a little?
Miya Bailey: It will be an after school program for kids to do art. Currently I go to different schools; talk to the kids and do art. I want to reach out to more teens because I didn’t have that avenue and the ones I did had a real influence in my life.


If your ever in the atlanta area go visit CITY OF INK! Like Miya said you dont have to get a tattoo to come. The atmosphere is very laid back and they are very welcoming. It’s a very family-friendly environment. And if you want a tattoo... they take walk-ins! Not to mention they are affordable and everything is original! 

Im very thankful that Miya Bailey agreed to speak with me. Its kind of funny because whenever im on twitter; and someone tweets him. He says "google me" ha ha... I always thought google him? who is he a celebrity?..anyways..i decided to google him and look at all these results! keep up the good work miya! Your hard work in the community is not going unnoticed 

*Birthday: March 6 1975
*Favorite Candy: Astro pops
*Ocean or Pool: Ocean
*If you could be any animal what would you be: Crow; you can fly. Their the smartest birds...you’re a rebel 
*Favorite Movie: City of GOD*Interesting Fact:(This is where the name of City Of Ink was inspired from) 

Miya Bailey/COI Contact Info: 
Website: www.MiyaBailey.com
or follow him on twitter @miyabailey

August 23, 2010

Rennie Curran- If you don’t know; you better ask somebody!

If you aren’t familiar with who Rennie Curran is, I'm sure you will know his name very soon. He started his football career in Brookwood High School transitioning to University of Georgia as their lead linebacker. Upon his final year at school Rennie had to make a life changing decision whether to stay in school or enter in NFL ‘s 2010 Draft pick. He made the decision to leave and Rennie became Tennessee Titan’s 97th NFL player draft pick. I got a chance to talk to Rennie and personally ask him some questions regarding the draft pick and honestly hear how he felt about everything and how it will all change his life!

AJ: Did you always know you wanted to play football?
Rennie: I liked other sports because growing up there was dudes like Michael Jordan who made you feel like you could be like them. But football came natural to me. I tried other sports; but football came natural and I loved it. My parents didn’t know much about sports; and my mom just knew that people were hitting each other!
AJ: What are some things that motivate you?
Rennie: My family, my little girl. I’m not only playing for myself, but for my family and my home country Liberia. I represent them their aren’t too many NFL Liberian players. Whatever I do puts them on the map.
AJ: You say their aren't a lot of liberian players... how many do you think their are
Rennie: Maybe about 10…not a lot of people claim to be from there
AJ: Was it hard leaving UGA after your third year?
Rennie: Yes it was very hard because I built so many relationships it was always my dream to play there. If I would of stayed I would have been there lead tackle, and get more awards and be a college student. But at the time I felt this was the best decision for me
AJ: What excites you most about playing in the NFL?
Rennie: I’m most excited about, playing along with players I grew up watching as a young kid; it’s pretty crazy. Like watching Ray Lewis and then playing against him. The whole entire experience and the benefits it will bring financially and the types of experiences ill be able to have because of that. Helping my family; being able to travel not having to worry about anything.

AJ: So what team are you most anxious to play against?
Rennie: The Colts! Because they have Peyton Manning, they went to the SuperBowl last year; played against the saints. He’s honestly the best in the league. If I had a chance to sack him it would be really cool.
SN: Peyton Manning better watch out :) 

I am honestly proud of Rennie; but I hope he remembers as well as a note to many others…know that with anything new there is always going to be adversity, but with adversity always come a learning experience. Good luck Rennie… Aside from watching my ravens play; I have another team to cheer for!

Cool Facts
-Birth date-November 10th
-Favorite color- Black
AJ: Just curious, why “Black”? 
Rennie:When I’m working out, it looks tough
-Ihop or Waffle House- Ihop

Photos Courtesy of: Rennie Currans Fbook Pics

August 20, 2010

Today they come in threes

   ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ I have been so connected with music for the past few days. Its just every song I listen to is describing my emotions, my situations that it’s becoming a little scary. That’s why I love music so much. People are able to express themselves through their lyrics and someway or another I vibe off of it. I was on itunes the other day just browsing through artists. I came across two artists whom I've never heard about and there music to me is amazing. I even wrote their names down so I wouldn’t forget and put “Amazing” next to them.

The first artists name is Susan Justice. I don’t know anything about her other than her name and that she can sing. She brings off both pop and soul.  On her website she describes her music; I write about my struggle for truth and freedom”
I’ve only heard three of her songs (via myspace and itunes) and I am excited to see what else she has in store for the people.
Forbidden Fruit by Susan Justice
http://susanjustice.wordpress.com / http://www.myspace.com/susanjustice
♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩  
The second artist I came across on itunes was Angel Taylor. Now you may already be familiar with her if you know of the gospel trio “Trin-I tee 5:7” with surrounding members Chanelle Haynes and Adrian Anderson. I believe this group is still together but I think the last album they put out was back in 2009. But to the average person, one would think that angel is out doing a solo gospel album. That is far from the contrary. When I first heard her music I was surprised. She as well has a pop/country twist to her. Her music is so similar to Colbie Caillat. A lot of her fan base from her gospel career aren’t too pleased with this change in genre of music. But I guess your not always going to make everyone happy. right?...Listen to her music and please go support her. She has an album out that’s like $8 and its 13 wonderful songs. 
"Anyone who has ever wanted to be loved very deeply by someone, but hasn't, will totally be able to grab hold of these songs,"-Angel Taylor 
Like You Do by Angel Taylor


♫ ♩ ♬♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩  ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ 
Now the third artist I am going to talk about, I didn’t 
find them on itunes or anything like that. I actually received an 
email from my brother telling me that I needed to check her out.

Peep his message ------
Hey sis,

I have a very gifted friend that i think you should get in touch with to interveiw. Her name is Aimee Stokes and I believe many will be inspired by what motivates her to do what she do, Jesus Christ.

I'm not really sure if she’s even a singer or trying to do the whole singing thing; but this song she has is truly uplifting and I think you will truly be blessed if you listen to it. Ill be sure to get some more info on her :) But in the meantime check her out.
♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♪ ♫ ♩♪ ♫ ♩  ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩  ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩  ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

As always tell me ya thoughts. And today them came in three

Eat. Pray. Love

       The other day , I went to the movies alone to go see “Eat.Pray.Love”. Apparently the movie is based off the book that was written by Elizabeth Gilbert  
But I honestly never mind going to the movies by myself. When you go alone you don’t have to worry about someone hogging all the armrest next to you; the many questions of “Did you see that”. Majority of the time if you pick the right theater and the right time it’s just merely you and the movie. Well I’ve been hearing nothing but great things about this movie and so I decided to go. When I first got to the theater I paid my $8 matinee price, and decided to snack on some nachos and an icee. “Yummy” When I first walked in the theater it smelled like pee. Sorry to be so blunt, but I honestly wanted to walk out; not to mention there were all these old people inside.  I really didn’t know what to expect from this 2 ½ hr movie other than someone traveling across the world where based on the title itself you’d assume its just about her eating, praying and finding love.
 I want to say its far more than that. In this movie Julia Roberts is really trying to balance her life and find herself. That’s what I took from the movie. The only way she was really able to do that was to go away to another country; 3 to be exact to really and truly find herself. It was really eye opening to me because I think sometimes we as people get so caught up in the world and life that we too can lose ourselves and tend to be off balance. In this movie she shows you how she balances it. I learned a lot from this movie and I truly would recommend people to go see it. I’m not sure if it’s a guy film though; because a lady brought her husband and he was knocked out the whole time lol. But men have sensitive sides too. Peep the preview below :