Hello… Let me introduce myself, I am “Ajenelle”. I am a 22-year-old Mass communications major at Towson University. I like to consider myself as being very ambitious and driven. I believe that everyone has a purpose in life. There is nothing that I admire more than a person who is also as driven to be successful. When I initially came up with Spotlight, it was in hopes to target anyone with a passion and a dream. But I’ve decided to take a different route and spotlight any and everything that I feel like the world should know about! Whether it is someone wanting to be the next Beyonce…or an inexpensive restaurant that has the best ravioli, I’m going to shine light on it…why? Because I can. If you feel like i should spotlight you; your company or whatever I'd love to hear from you.

Im not a known blogger like NecoleBitchie or Sandra Rose. But please believe im making my mark in this world! You just Just watch