June 24, 2010

More than just photography.

It has always been fascinating to me how people choose between varied career choices and hobbies. Stephen Armstrong, a regular person just like you and me but whom has a passion to capture people through the lens of a camera. Why would someone want to take pictures of other people? Or even enjoy it at that matter. To Stephen however, he is capturing something much differently. Sometimes it is hard to try to understand the mindset of an artist. An artist thinks very differently than the average man. They see things in a whole new perspective. I was able to personally get to know Stephen and i now consider him a really good friend... But i wanted to get to know him; as the photographer.

AJ: When did

you first start taking pictures?

Stephen: I

started taking pictures

probably around the age of 6. My dad u

sed to take me with him to conferences and events he used

to photograph. I wou

ld help take the

pictures, and help sell them!

AJ: What was you

r first camera?

Stephen: My first camera was a Minolta point-and-

shoot camera. I can’t even remember the model of it or

anything, all I knew was that it would

take pictures, zoom

, and flash. Dad taught me how to load the film

, and after that, I was off snapping pictures left and

right. I eventually wore that camera out.

AJ: What type of photos do you generally take? (Black & Whi

te; Action Shots)

Stephen: I have a wide variet

y of favorites, but mostly, I like to

take candid shots people, however,

I enjoy what is

probably the most challenging, "Posed" shots.

AJ: You say posed

shots are challenging? Why is that?

Stephen: Posed shots are probably the

hardest because you have a certain image in mind, and the key

is to make that image in your head a reality. That is never easier done

than thought! I

personally like Black and White shots, but also the Sepia shots too,

as it can give that “rustic” look to a photo and really bring out some


AJ: So why photography?

Stephen: My father is a professional

photographer. Ever since I can remember in life, I have been around pictures, taking pictures,

sorting through pictures, building photo

packages, the whole 9 yards. From doing

Santa Claus pictures at the local Walmart

to shooting sports photography at the baseball/football

parks, it’s been something I’ve been around and pretty much doing my entire

life. Naturally, as I

got older and got my own

cameras, I found this to be a job I really truly

enjoy doing and never feel like I’m working at

all while I’m out

with a client doing a shoot.

AJ: Thanks for taking the time out to talk to me; but before we wrap

up..What’s something you would like to

shoot that you haven’t yet?

Stephen: I have a

couple things I want to shoot and have not been able to yet, but I have to say the one

thing I want to do is go to a concert and be able to shoot the performer. I love the Zac Brown Band and to be completely honest, if I could get a chance to take their pictures while up on

stage, that would almost be a dream

come true! But I’m not picky. I would do it for any musician just to do it!

If your interested in his work. Contact him!

Email: Armstrong6114@yahoo.com

Phone number: 404-510-9475

So i guess its safe to say that photography is much more than just taking pictures

June 23, 2010

It all makes sense :)

Yesterday I started an internship with a PR/Marketing Firm. I was given an assignment at 9am and finished at roughly 4. I did take breaks; as well as a lunch break @ my own time lol. The assignment I was given was not hard; but it was hard work. Does that make sense? When i was finished with my assignment; and hit the send button on the email. I honestly felt like i had accomplished something on my day; and i honestly enjoyed it. I enjoyed the challenge; and i enjoyed it being at my own pace. I knew i had a deadline. I knew when i had to send that email by; but yet everything was at my pace of the day. I was able to get up when i wanted to; at the time i wanted to..And i didnt have to ask permission to do it. This felt great! It felt great that i was actually doing something that interest me. I was excited for the task and i went to work. I was in GRIND mode and i liked it.

...Thats when it all made sense to me....That this is what i want to do; this is what i want to pursue. I want to pursue Public Relations for my career. I've always been passionate for something; but its taken me forever to tie it all in together. With public relations; im able to incorporate my love for art; my love for people as marketing/and networking is the circle of this career. Im excited for the rest of the summer. Im excited to learn...to have a rough day...to meet new people...

it all makes sense; and im ready :)

June 21, 2010


Everyone in life has a PASSION. Whether we know right away; or whether it takes us years to figure it out. We all have a passion in life. Something that makes us smile regardless of the time or day; something that when all else fails IT MATTERS. It has taken me 2years in community college; the picking and choosing of different universities, to relocating between states to truly figure out what my passion truly is. I think it has taken me so long to figure it out because im so passionate about a lot of things; and trying to incorporate it into one career; one major; one goal has seemed without a doubt impossible. I love art; i love music; i love people; and life. And im passionate about all those things. What does having passion for something really mean anyways? So many questions; not enough answers; RIGHT. But why does it come so easy for people. Some people at there early ages know what there passionate about. They know what they wanna do for the rest of there lives. How come it cant come easy for the rest of us in the world? Well lets see from alot of others how easy was it really for them...Did they know that what there doing in life is what they saw themselves doing 10yrs earlier...Or what is it there trying to do; and how will they do what they can to make there dreams a reality.