July 30, 2010

Promotion is Everything ***

So many people want to be successful in life but a lot of people aren’t motivated enough to go the extra mile and promote themselves. My question to those people “How are we going to find you”. You can’t expect for someone to go out and search for you, because if you do 9x out of 10 you will be out of luck. You ever think about how most of these celebrities get noticed? Take Soulja Boy for example. No one would ever know Soulja boy existed if it wasn’t for his youtoube videos. That’s as real as it gets. He promoted himself through his videos on youtoube. People gained an appreciation for a young dude from Atlanta Georgia because of his drive and to gain the attention of others.

Soulja Boys First Youtube ever:

4 years later:

Or how about Dondria; who was noticed off of her youtoube videos. She has videos and videos of her singing her heart out. She gained more viewers, more subscribers and the right person saw her video and now she’s apart of So So Def.

Dondria's First Video on Youtube:

4years later:

This is what I'm saying. You can’t expect to make it somewhere if your not promoting yourself. Im not saying that if you dont promote yourself you wont make it. But you probably have a better chance of making it at a faster pace if your out there promoting. What about the other percent of people who are indeed promoting however who promote themselves the wrong way. Unfortunately those are the ones who sometimes end up at the end of the track instead of the front. 
My advice to people who are trying to make it is this :
Once you really and truly figure out what it is that you want to do in life; what your truly passionate for; then do it. Ill tell you this…if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing in life; or it really is not of interest to you. “YOU WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL” because in my eyes being successful means doing something you love to do, being content and being happy. Everyone has his or her own definition, i'm sure. But The truth of the matter is if you don’t promote yourself; don’t expect people to know who you are. (i'm just saying…)

July 28, 2010

BE-Z Clothing Co.

BE-Z is a clothing company that initiated in the hearts of Baltimore Maryland. Created by owner/and co owner Eric and Clayton. 
I first learned about BE-Z when I saw a girl who had a WTDT@ (Where they do that at) shirt on.
 I was like wow! People come up with everything these days. But those are the people you need to pay attention to. People who understand that sometimes it’s the simplest things that sell. Your public is what helps build your brand. When I dug a little deeper into what BE-Z clothing co.  stood for I was even more impressed. On their website they make it known what they stand for.  It quotes BE-Z sponsors artists, host parties, is involved in charity and community activities, and of course fashion shows. BE-Z supports any positive local artist or business with dreams of Baltimore becoming a powerful city far as fashion and entertainment.”
Besides the fact that their clothes are dope, they actually have a love for their community and its what they strive off of. Check out there website and make your order today. BE-Z Clothing Co. J

Here is some of there shirts and custom orders:

Pictures Courtesy of Eric Randall

July 14, 2010


My blogs are targeted to spotlight people! People I feel are on their grind, are trying to do something and showing them credit. I wanted to take the time to point out one of my favorite artists Trey Songz, who has been on his grind this year and even though I don’t know him; I am a proud fan! Trey has continued to put in work, time after time and it has officially paid off. Even though he put out two great albums prior to "Ready"...obviously it just wasn't his time to shine. Once he released his mix tape "Anticipation" I think it gave people an insight on who he really was. Once ready was released "It debuted at number three on the U.S. Billboard 200, selling 131,000 copies in its first week"...and after that things have continued to skyrocket for him. Just finishing a worldwide tour with one of the greatest rappers Jay Z to now headlining his own tour to begin next month/a month prior to his next anticipated album "Passion Pain & Pleasure" Just yesterday he debuted his single off this album "Bottoms Up" featuring Nicki Minaj and I have to admit the track is hot! Nicki Minaj is not bad herself (no-homo; soulja boy voice) Peep out the song below.

Bottoms Up
Stay connected with Trey and his tour dates buy visiting TreySongz.com

July 06, 2010


Name: Sha’unea
Location: Atlanta
Birthdate: November 6

"Brittani Sha'unea Williams" is an aspiring singer from Atlanta Georgia. Now days there are many people who are trying to be the next, Keri Hilson, or Ciara. What I like about this artist is that she has her own unique sound. She is not trying to be compared to the next female artist, but is trying to get people to get to know her through her music. A single mother who is trying to make a foundation at home for her and her son, but also trying to make her dreams comes true.

AJ: First things first, your real name is Brittani. Why did you choose your artist name to be “Sha’unea”?
Sha’unea- Sha’unea is my middle name. I wanted my artist name to be different but still apart of me.

AJ: How old were you when you started singing?
Sha’unea: 9 or 10

AJ: Did you always know you wanted to sing?
Sha’unea: Yes. I did. Growing up, I used to lead the choir at Liberty Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Marietta Georgia

AJ: What are some artist that inspired you
Sha’unea: Fantasia and Keyshia Cole. They both inspired me because there two different artists who had different struggles that I could relate to. They truly inspired me

AJ: Do you write your own music?
Sha’unea: Yes, I write all my music

AJ: What do you think of the music being played on the radio these days
Sha’unea: When I hear the music being played on the radio it makes me feel like anyone can make music. It seems people take heed to the beat of the music then the lyrics. As long as the beat is hot, you have a hit. People should acknowledge a song for not only the beat but also the lyrics. The lyrics and delivery should make the song.

AJ: How will your music differ from the music we already listen to (What can we expect from your music)?
Sha’unea: You will always get delivery. You will get hot lyrics with a hot beat. I’m bringing diversity to the table. My music will be for any and everyone. It will be both a mixture of Pop and R&B.

AJ: So if I go to the club, can I expect to hear Sha’unea?
Sha’unea: of course

AJ: So my final question to you; is what is the best advice you can give to someone who may feel like a current situation is holding them back from there dreams
Sha’unea- Just because your faced with something does not mean you should stop your dreams if anything it should make you wants to push yourself harder. That’s the best advice I can give someone. Push yourself and work harder.

For booking information on Sha'unea contact her via-email brittani.lewis@hotmail.com