July 06, 2010


Name: Sha’unea
Location: Atlanta
Birthdate: November 6

"Brittani Sha'unea Williams" is an aspiring singer from Atlanta Georgia. Now days there are many people who are trying to be the next, Keri Hilson, or Ciara. What I like about this artist is that she has her own unique sound. She is not trying to be compared to the next female artist, but is trying to get people to get to know her through her music. A single mother who is trying to make a foundation at home for her and her son, but also trying to make her dreams comes true.

AJ: First things first, your real name is Brittani. Why did you choose your artist name to be “Sha’unea”?
Sha’unea- Sha’unea is my middle name. I wanted my artist name to be different but still apart of me.

AJ: How old were you when you started singing?
Sha’unea: 9 or 10

AJ: Did you always know you wanted to sing?
Sha’unea: Yes. I did. Growing up, I used to lead the choir at Liberty Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Marietta Georgia

AJ: What are some artist that inspired you
Sha’unea: Fantasia and Keyshia Cole. They both inspired me because there two different artists who had different struggles that I could relate to. They truly inspired me

AJ: Do you write your own music?
Sha’unea: Yes, I write all my music

AJ: What do you think of the music being played on the radio these days
Sha’unea: When I hear the music being played on the radio it makes me feel like anyone can make music. It seems people take heed to the beat of the music then the lyrics. As long as the beat is hot, you have a hit. People should acknowledge a song for not only the beat but also the lyrics. The lyrics and delivery should make the song.

AJ: How will your music differ from the music we already listen to (What can we expect from your music)?
Sha’unea: You will always get delivery. You will get hot lyrics with a hot beat. I’m bringing diversity to the table. My music will be for any and everyone. It will be both a mixture of Pop and R&B.

AJ: So if I go to the club, can I expect to hear Sha’unea?
Sha’unea: of course

AJ: So my final question to you; is what is the best advice you can give to someone who may feel like a current situation is holding them back from there dreams
Sha’unea- Just because your faced with something does not mean you should stop your dreams if anything it should make you wants to push yourself harder. That’s the best advice I can give someone. Push yourself and work harder.

For booking information on Sha'unea contact her via-email brittani.lewis@hotmail.com

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