July 28, 2010

BE-Z Clothing Co.

BE-Z is a clothing company that initiated in the hearts of Baltimore Maryland. Created by owner/and co owner Eric and Clayton. 
I first learned about BE-Z when I saw a girl who had a WTDT@ (Where they do that at) shirt on.
 I was like wow! People come up with everything these days. But those are the people you need to pay attention to. People who understand that sometimes it’s the simplest things that sell. Your public is what helps build your brand. When I dug a little deeper into what BE-Z clothing co.  stood for I was even more impressed. On their website they make it known what they stand for.  It quotes BE-Z sponsors artists, host parties, is involved in charity and community activities, and of course fashion shows. BE-Z supports any positive local artist or business with dreams of Baltimore becoming a powerful city far as fashion and entertainment.”
Besides the fact that their clothes are dope, they actually have a love for their community and its what they strive off of. Check out there website and make your order today. BE-Z Clothing Co. J

Here is some of there shirts and custom orders:

Pictures Courtesy of Eric Randall

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Unknown said...

All I can say is, "wow". I thank u from the bottom of my heart. If u ever need help with anything, I'm in the "heart" of Baltimore.