October 19, 2010

The Hiatus is Over

Hello Supporters!

I have been away and now I am back!...I took a little break from "Spotlight" to re-evaluate what exactly it was that I wanted to do and spend most of my energy doing. I didn't know if writing about entertainment was of any interest to me. Do I enjoy spotlighting other people? Why cant I be spotlighted for my talents...I just needed to re-evaluate and I did. I have come to the realization that entertainment will no longer be my focal point in my career. I feel there is a lot of other things that people need to be informed about and I want to be the person to do that...I still have a passion for people who have passion and that is the reason why I'm keeping this blog going! I want to continue to bring you guys the hottest music, food, restaurants, and movies. Thank you all who have been patient with ya girl and who continue to follow me.
Make sure to add my other site to your bookmarks. ashleyjenelle.wordpress.com

Stay tuned for more posts in the upcoming week :)

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