August 20, 2010

Eat. Pray. Love

       The other day , I went to the movies alone to go see “Eat.Pray.Love”. Apparently the movie is based off the book that was written by Elizabeth Gilbert  
But I honestly never mind going to the movies by myself. When you go alone you don’t have to worry about someone hogging all the armrest next to you; the many questions of “Did you see that”. Majority of the time if you pick the right theater and the right time it’s just merely you and the movie. Well I’ve been hearing nothing but great things about this movie and so I decided to go. When I first got to the theater I paid my $8 matinee price, and decided to snack on some nachos and an icee. “Yummy” When I first walked in the theater it smelled like pee. Sorry to be so blunt, but I honestly wanted to walk out; not to mention there were all these old people inside.  I really didn’t know what to expect from this 2 ½ hr movie other than someone traveling across the world where based on the title itself you’d assume its just about her eating, praying and finding love.
 I want to say its far more than that. In this movie Julia Roberts is really trying to balance her life and find herself. That’s what I took from the movie. The only way she was really able to do that was to go away to another country; 3 to be exact to really and truly find herself. It was really eye opening to me because I think sometimes we as people get so caught up in the world and life that we too can lose ourselves and tend to be off balance. In this movie she shows you how she balances it. I learned a lot from this movie and I truly would recommend people to go see it. I’m not sure if it’s a guy film though; because a lady brought her husband and he was knocked out the whole time lol. But men have sensitive sides too. Peep the preview below :

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