June 23, 2010

It all makes sense :)

Yesterday I started an internship with a PR/Marketing Firm. I was given an assignment at 9am and finished at roughly 4. I did take breaks; as well as a lunch break @ my own time lol. The assignment I was given was not hard; but it was hard work. Does that make sense? When i was finished with my assignment; and hit the send button on the email. I honestly felt like i had accomplished something on my day; and i honestly enjoyed it. I enjoyed the challenge; and i enjoyed it being at my own pace. I knew i had a deadline. I knew when i had to send that email by; but yet everything was at my pace of the day. I was able to get up when i wanted to; at the time i wanted to..And i didnt have to ask permission to do it. This felt great! It felt great that i was actually doing something that interest me. I was excited for the task and i went to work. I was in GRIND mode and i liked it.

...Thats when it all made sense to me....That this is what i want to do; this is what i want to pursue. I want to pursue Public Relations for my career. I've always been passionate for something; but its taken me forever to tie it all in together. With public relations; im able to incorporate my love for art; my love for people as marketing/and networking is the circle of this career. Im excited for the rest of the summer. Im excited to learn...to have a rough day...to meet new people...

it all makes sense; and im ready :)

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