June 21, 2010


Everyone in life has a PASSION. Whether we know right away; or whether it takes us years to figure it out. We all have a passion in life. Something that makes us smile regardless of the time or day; something that when all else fails IT MATTERS. It has taken me 2years in community college; the picking and choosing of different universities, to relocating between states to truly figure out what my passion truly is. I think it has taken me so long to figure it out because im so passionate about a lot of things; and trying to incorporate it into one career; one major; one goal has seemed without a doubt impossible. I love art; i love music; i love people; and life. And im passionate about all those things. What does having passion for something really mean anyways? So many questions; not enough answers; RIGHT. But why does it come so easy for people. Some people at there early ages know what there passionate about. They know what they wanna do for the rest of there lives. How come it cant come easy for the rest of us in the world? Well lets see from alot of others how easy was it really for them...Did they know that what there doing in life is what they saw themselves doing 10yrs earlier...Or what is it there trying to do; and how will they do what they can to make there dreams a reality.

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